Adventures of the Bird Clan

On Saturday 12th November families with students in class 1 and 2 went on a kayak adventure in Cudgen Creek, Kingscliff. These students attended two environmental programs at our school: Journey with Dolphins, Dolphin Research Australia’s after school program, and Bird Clan, Sathya Sai’s after school program for Year 1 boys. The aim of this field trip was to bring the families together to enjoy time in nature and appreciate the wildlife, particular the species they learned about in these programs. Watersports Guru, Kingscliff local ecoadventure agency, prepared a series of games and activities that just added a lot more fun to the whole experience. The kayak trip and games were followed by a picnic at the riverbank to bring the families together and chill out. One of the high notes was to hear the students refer to Uncle Franc, Fingal Head Indigenous Educator who had taught Classes 1 and 2 about Fingal Head bush tucker and wildlife in our excursion a couple of weeks earlier. The students were able to identify and eat some of the local bush tucker such as cottonwood hibiscus flowers and salt leaves from the mangroves. Check out the photos!

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