Welcome to Sathya Sai School
LOVE | PEACE | TRUTH | RIGHT-CONDUCT | NON VIOLENCE Character development & academic achievement through a human values program
Sathya Sai High
Enrolling year 7 & 8. We invite you and your family to join the Principal for a tour of our new High School. Join Us »
The Values We Teach
Our Facilities
Centrally located, we have new buildings, playgrounds and state of the art classrooms.
Values Framework
We provide and model a safe school environment, based on human values, which honours the uniqueness of all children, enabling them to realise their inner potential of character development and academic success.
Dedicated Music Teacher
Weekly Yoga Classes
Our co-curricular programmes encourage participation, team-work, self-confidence and creativity.
Experiential Learning
We balance classroom work with learning through doing. We have excursions to Hastings Point, Byron Bay Lighthouse & Brisbane Science Center.
NSW Board of Studies
Our program is in line with the NSW Department of Education with an integrated Human Values program.

A School integrating Human Values

Sathya Sai School is a non-denominational School based on universal human values.

Enrolling now K - 7

We are accepting enrolments for 2016


Faerie Day Celebration

A special event was held July 1st to celebrate International faerie Day and the end of our first term at playgroup. Abikgail, one of our playgroup fac

Kinship Festival

We participated in this years Kinship Festival by celebrating with a human mandala to honour the ancestors of this land, the Rainbow Serpent and our c

Year 7 Rowing

Year 7 began rowing at Murwillumbah Rowing Club for Sport. First students learnt how to row on the ergometers in the rowing club, this was followed by

Year 7 Retreat

Our High School students and teachers are set to experience a series of retreats which are an extension for their curricular and extra-curricular acti

Start Smart Program

The whole school participated in a ‘Start Smart Program’ conducted by the Commonwealth bank. The program aims to educate children about financial lite

Responsible Pet Program

Class 1 & 2 participated in a ‘Responsible Pet Program’ Students learnt the safe way to approach a dog and also know what to do if approached by a


Year 7 has enjoyed playing Tennis at the Murwillumbah Tennis courts each Wednesday morning. Students have learnt how to hold a tennis racquet, execute

Story dogs

A whole school mufti day was held to show support and appreciation for the ‘Story Dogs’ program. Children were invited to wear orange and donate a gol